Technology has drastically improved to a point that you can enjoy console like gaming experiences on a portable device such as your smartphone. The most common forms of mobile gaming devices are the hand held consoles, smart phones and tabs. Here are some things to consider.

Type of gamingThis is going to be the basis of the specifications and price of the tablet that you will end up going for. If you play casual 2D games such as Angry Birds or Clash of Clans, then most tabs out there should have the necessary specifications to support these games. This would mean that you could look for a cheaper option rather than going for the high end tabs which would just be overkill based on your usage.

Operating SystemThis is another crucial aspect to look for when it comes to getting a tablet. If you are looking for cheap tablets in Singapore, then you might not want to go for an iOS device as these tend to be relatively expensive. Microsoft and Android would be better options if your budget isn’t on the high side. A lot of gamers tend to prefer Android when it comes to mobile gaming due to the vast amount of titles and also the customisation features that it provides. So this may be the go to option for both intense gamers and casual gamers alike.

AccessoriesAlthough you could enjoy a lot of the gaming titles by using the touch interface of the tablet, this does not unlock the full potential of the tab. If you own a Windows based tablet such as the Surface, then you might want to look for accessories such as mouse, keyboard docks and OTG cables to get a PC like gaming experience. You could get these accessories a lot cheaper if you look for a Microsoft promotion where they may sell all these bundled with the tablet itself.

Secondary usageTabs can be used for much more than just gaming, so you should try to see if you may have a secondary use for it. For instance, if you would like to use it to take good pictures and video then you might want to consider looking at the camera specifications as well. If you are using it as a backup storage device, then expandable memory card slots will be the feature that you should look for additionally. These secondary features may result in you having to go for a more expensive tablet so try to prioritise your usage.

By considering these points, you should be able to find the right gaming tablet for you.