Different people have different ideas when it comes to planning their engagement ceremony or wedding. Some like to have it grand in indoor halls with royal decoration, some like it to be classic and chic while some would prefer a completely casual ceremony outdoor where they could still chill around a bit more causally than in a long grand dress. This all depends on the kind of personality you are and what you feel like your day should be like. When it comes to planning your day, you can initially get confused thinking what kind of a décor you want and to which places you are going set all of that.

If you go through Pinterest or some related sites, you will come across different ideas for the table décor, event backdrop and isle styles. When we see a lot of ideas, sometimes we lose our own thoughts on how we would like it simply because at the back of our minds, we think the right way to do is the way we saw it elsewhere but we should always remember there is no right way to decorating your day.

You can always choose the styles and themes you want although they have never been used before because you always have the freedom to do what you want for your day. Here are some of the modern design ideas that you could add in to your engagement ceremony.

1) Bubbly bar

This is a place that you can create with a lot of bubble colours, celebration items and good food to not only make the day colourful but also to create an environment where people could chill out, chat with everyone and eat some sweet snacks at the same time. This section could also be customized depending on the type of décor you prefer. If the theme was in peaches and pinks, this corner could also be coordinated along the shades.

2) Fiesta Fun

This is where the guests could have fun about taking photographs and you could even hold an event backdrop here to make it more professional looking. While you walk around talking to people, the other guests could still enjoy some good music and have fun taking few snaps.

3) Kids’ Corner

This usually doesn’t happen commonly in most engagement or wedding ceremonies but if you have a quite extended family with a lot of kids, then I suggest that it will be such a great thought to put into action to keep the kids off making a mess.

These are some of the new ideas that you can incorporate on your engagement in this 2017.