A well-managed company can be a money maker, just as a well-oiled machine can be a consolation. The consequences of mismanagement or ignorance can be corrosive. You need to be aware at all times, the position of the company with regard to its capital: the net worth of the company? How are the investments being done? How are the funds raised in the first place to make these investments after all? What are the options available in terms of fundraising? What are the risk factors I need to consider? How should the capital allocation be done? So much to consider, so much to be concerned about. Start from the beginning: get help.

Where do I turn to? Gateway private equity partnerships could be God-send in moments of dire need. Your company may have been making bad investments and fund-raising decisions. Or the situation could be much worse yet: you may be facing imminent liquidation and insolvency. Your only way forward could be to get help, seek professional assistance. Under no circumstances are you entitled to hesitate.

What service are rendered? Some of the services available under Private Equity in South Asia are: risk management services, regulatory risk capital and CCAR measurement, capital allocation, and performance and attribution services. The services are numerous. You just need to get busy and find your partner. It is not a simple cake walk from then on; but is a good way forward and a heavy burden off of your shoulders. You need to be prepared to go for the best possible partnership. The partnership itself could be a gamble considering your financial position at that point. But do think of the future if you are unwilling to risk what you have remaining, for it may have no silver lining at all, all bleak uncertainty and fear laced paranoia. Don’t give into mundane fears, do what you must do to preserve your assets. Go ahead little by little: baby steps.

It’s worth it in the end A good captain does all that he or she possibly can to keep his vessel afloat regardless of the maelstrom that faces him. He tries to fight back the strong current that grows ever strong, trying to drag him deep down into the bottomless abyss. He cannot give in to fear, he has to forget all his insecurities and contradictions and maneuver the vessel with care, with precision. His liability in supreme: his underlings depend on him for their survival. This is similar to running a company. You have to methodically navigate the treacherous corporate waters.