Toothaches usually occur when the nerve in your teeth get irritated. The pain can be due to various different reasons. Dental decay, poor tooth filling, gum disease could result in you having toothaches.

The first thing which needs to be done if you have a toothache is to schedule an appointment with a doctor. By following this process you might be able to find out the root cause for the pain. There also might be instances where mild pains appear and disappear after a few hours. If you are unsure about the whole process, you could always visit a doctor and get your teeth looked at. It’s always important to identify the root cause because that’s when you could start treating it. For instance if you have bleeding gum you could buy the best toothpaste for bleeding gums and make sure that the bleeding stops.

If you by any chance have bad breath you could always buy the finest toothpaste for bad breath. It’s important to make sure the smell does not come because people might feel disgusted by it. There are not one but many remedies which could be used to suppress the tooth pain. Clove oil could be used for nerve remedy. You need to ensure that clove oil is used with care, because pouring more than the essential amount could result in you having a severe reaction in your mouth. Therefore, you could always use a piece of cotton and sprinkle a couple of drops and then place it on the area which gave you pain.

If you get sudden pains you might have to visit a dentist immediately. There also might be instances when you are unable to visit a dentist at that particular moment. At moments like this, you could use pain remedies to suppress the pain until you are able to schedule a visit with the dentist. First off you could start by using salt which is dissolved in hot water. This could act as a mouth wash which could be used to clean your teeth. It also has an additional feature, it helps you cure sore throats. If you ensure that you cleanse it inside your mouth for over 30 seconds and spit it, it would ensure that the fluids which are inside the mouth which caused the swellings are drawn out. Other methods such as peppermint tea and ice cubes could be used to numb the pain. You could place peppermint leaves in boiling water and use it as a mouth cleanser. Ice cubes could also be placed in a bag and kept under your aching tooth to make sure the pain goes away.