When you are organizing an event, taking images and uploading them on the right social media channels is what helps promote any event. Whether you wish to promote the event in a formal or informal manner, images can play a vital role in such an activity. If you wish to explore innovative and cheap ways to promote your event, explore the concept of hash tag printing.

Tagging of events

If you are not very aware of what hash tag linked promotion is all about, it is a unique way to tag different comments and images linked to a particular event. Hence, when you are sponsoring or setting up an event, one way to promote it effectively on channels like Twitter and Instagram is to create a unique hash tag link around it. Get everyone linked to the event to upload information, comments and images linked to the hash tag of your event. This helps to create a string of public information that talks about your event and highlights different aspects of it. You can then explore the benefits of hash tag printing through a photo booth in Singapore service.

What is hash tag printing?

Nowadays, most event photography services offer photo booth rentals as well. In such a setup the professional photographers have different printing software and options available. One such option is hash tag printing. With a capable software program they can capture all images that are uploaded under a certain hash tag. Hence, when you have guests and others uploading images of your event under a certain hash tag, it is possible to get them printed with a hash tag printing software. At a photo booth guests can get instant prints of such images.

Different printing and display options

With hash tagging of images of your event and a photo booth rental service, there are different opportunities available. For instance, the images captured under a certain hash tag can be screened live on a large screen at the event. With associated software, it is possible to create a collage of prints of the different images linked to the event hash tag. This can be a fitting memorabilia for the guests to take back from the event. It is even possible to allow guests to choose the images they wish to print and get them framed or printed with different messages or effects.

Indeed, hash tag printing opens up several exciting possibilities. It helps to promote your event in an effective way as well as circulate images live that are linked to the event.