If you’re the host of an event, be it a birthday party, wedding reception or even an anniversary dinner, you’ll have to do a bit of planning early on. The time you have to spend on planning the event largely depends of the scale of the event, the number of people to be expected and what exactly the celebration is. The theme and colors for the event also depend on the type of occasion, if it’s a baby shower then the colors will depend on the gender of the baby and if it’s a wedding reception, the themes you can go for are endless. Listed below are the main things you’ll have to do right before the event, to ensure it flows smoothly.

Make a head count
Once you’ve decided on the theme you’re going to go with, you have to send out the invitations. This is vital as the early you send out the invitations, the earlier you’ll get a response and can make a count of all the guests you are to expect. Invitations these days don’t have to always be a card, you can opt to easier and faster methods.

Make a few calls
The next step is to get to making a few phone calls and visiting a few places. You have to make your bookings, such as the venue for the event, the best caterers in Singapore appropriate for the event, the entertainment and other extras. When making the call, ensure you tell them what sort of event this is, when it is and what you’re expecting from them. Always have a plan B if the service you’re expecting isn’t free of the given day!

Check on the bookings
Closer to the event, it’s time for you to check, re-check and re-confirm all the bookings you’ve made. You never know, as something last minute might crop up and it’s better to always stay well informed and prepared, so that you always have enough time to put plan B into action. Stay aware and put all the time, as you have a big responsibility!

Make a mind plan
Once you’ve completed the steps listed above, it’s time to create a mind plan on how exactly your day is going to go. Your mind plan should include everything, from the very beginning to the very end. This helps you remember anything you might’ve forgotten such as the Italian food made from finest restaurant you needed or the photo booth service you didn’t remember to re-confirm.

Listed above are the main four responsibilities you’ll have as hosts of an event, if you do these properly, you’re all set!