When it comes to human existence one of the main reasons we are still existing would because of the legal system. Even though animals still exist without being perished from the world due to their act, us humans with such a great brain wouldn’t still survive the world if it weren’t for the administration and legal system. One night without citywide electricity would simply prove the fact. Everyone would act like hooligans looting, shouting and destroying what comes into our hands.
Despite the legal system people still do things prohibited and make the world a fearful place to live in. There are so many criminals out there looting, raping and engaging in other criminal activities. It is not just the poverty struck low lives that engage in such activities, even the high end rich people engage in all these activities. It’s the duty of the police to catch these people and get them in front of the courts and submit them and it’s the duty of the lawyers to make sure the guilty is behind bars.
When it comes to being a lawyer this is what comes first into our mind yet this is just one part of being a lawyer. These lawyers are mostly known as criminal lawyers. There are many more types of lawyers such as corporate lawyers, family lawyers in Singapore and etc. Let us discuss about the other sides and types of lawyers other than criminal lawyers.
Some of the major types of lawyers
We’ll first talk about the personal injuries lawyer who focuses only on the injuries that employees or it can even be an individual who has gone through injuries to physical health or mental health due to work or another individual’s or government or an organizations mishaps.
When talking about business lawyers who are well known as corporate lawyers there are many areas to cover. Corporate law is very wide area in the legal system, and corporate legal counselors will regularly manage a few ranges of law talked about beneath, including employment and issues, protected intellectual property, and mergers and acquisitions. In some cases, these legal advisors simply concentrate on essential business legitimate undertakings, for example, shaping your organization, while others are all the more enveloping and will chip away at a wide range of business needs from work issues to duty consistence. Additionally, a few attorneys concentrate just on private companies and new businesses, while others concentrate on expansive endeavors. There are also finance and security lawyers, merger and acquisition lawyers, tax lawyer and intellectual property lawyers subdivided under that category. So there is a broad chance of succeeding when it comes corporate law.