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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Starting A Small Home Business Of Your Own

Many people dream of starting a business of their own but do not get about to doing it because they do not know how to do it. If you are already employed at a full time job, it is advisable that you do not give up your full time job but instead operate your business while you are still working so that your business will be risk free. You can start a business that is extremely low cost and therefore low risk. A good example would be buying small things from the internet and reselling them under your own brand name. In order to prepare for this, you will need to start by opening up a Facebook page and other social media pages under your new brand name and spreading the word about your brand. Have people like, subscribe and follow your pages so that they know of your brand and are expecting your products. As soon as you have purchased your products, you can start advertising them so that, by the time they arrive at your home a few weeks later, they may already have been booked.

Things you can buy
The truth is that you can buy anything and everything for your new shop based on what young people are looking for. You can buy mens cologne in Singapore and women’s perfumes to begin with that will have a good market among working people because this is more of a need than a want when you are working.

As you will be targeting the working crowd, you can also buy other things that they will be interested in such as foot massagers, aromatic therapy candles, perfumes and other things that will help them to relax after a tired day at the workplace and you can also market all of these same things as perfect gifts for people as well.  If you are interested about Biore Facial Foam you can visit this website

The gift market is a good market to target because by targeting them, you can sell things that they are not necessarily looking for or need but simply because they think someone else will like simply because you told them that person might like the product. Most people do not think too much about the gifts that they buy and therefore, if they see an advertisement that says this gift would be perfect for that special person or that friend who needs a break after a tired day at work, they will likely spend their money on the product. The key is in good targeting and brilliant advertising.

Refurbish And Give It A New Look!

Hate to see your favourite piece of furniture lying in its last stages before crumbling into bits and pieces? Worry not! You can refurbish them! Let us resonate with you whether you should or should not DIY.

Do you have ample free time?
If your answer is yes the YES! You should refurbish your crumbling furniture by yourself. Time is the most limited resource for most and if you are one of those lucky ones with enough time to spare on knocking down and rebuilding the furniture then you should give it a go. Take your time and try out new things, make sure to watch as many YouTube how to videos as possible. This should give you quite an in depth idea of refurbishing and how to do them!

On the other hand if you have very limited free time and not experienced in refurbishing furniture then its best you don’t go down the DIY lane cause you are only going to end up creating huge mess. So it would be better left to the professionals or you could even try an Singapore online furniture for something similar within your budget.

Assess the value of the item you’re considering on refurbishing
Try to assess how old your furniture is and how much worth it is in terms of money. Finding out the age of your furniture is not hard especially with sofas, chairs, tables and etc. just feel the interior of your furniture for any dull surfaces that are falling off. If not just unscrew the nails and have a look. If your furniture threads have inconsistent widths between them or consist dovetail joints then they are likely to be precious antiques. Get a professional have a look at them and assess the value for you. If it’s not very valuable then go ahead with the tearing down and rebuilding process.

What is your budget?
Decide on your budget first and foremost before tearing down any furniture. Ask yourself: Can I afford this? If the answer is no, better stop right there. If you can, then let’s get into the tearing process. Refurbishing something like a bean bag would be much less costly than a three seater sofa. So make sure to include all the costs that would most likely be incurred. The budget would include the cost of new materials, tools, paint and other necessities. If the costs exceed the price of a new piece of furniture or hiring a professional its best to buy the furniture or leave it to a professional.

Do you have the right tools? And can you handle them?
Finally, as with all trades do you have the necessary tools. As the saying goes tools can make or break. If you have the right tools you can make it if not you’re just wasting your time. Research on the tools that would be required for a makeover and make sure you can handle all of them in the right way. Some of the tools required in a common refurbish project are: hammers, spanners, nails, silicon glue, sand paper, screw drivers, rubber mallet, wood putty & glue, gloves, safety aids, respirator, paint and paint brush.

If you had a positive response to most of the above questions, then YAY! Let’s start refurbishing! What are you waiting for? Let’s breathe some life into those poor little furniture’s breathing their last!

Starting An Online Pet Accessories Store And Animal Charity

If you adore animals and you have always wanted to work with animals and to help animals, you should consider starting a small business that supports animals and also makes pet animals very happy. You can start a small pet accessories brand where you can sell thing for pets that you get from sites like ebay and amazon and you can use some of the profits to support your local animal charity. By doing this, you will not only be helping the animals but your brand will be reaching other supporters of the charity which will also be animal lovers and will potentially be your future customers.

You can develop your brand by making it cute and creative and using your own pets as models so that people will absolutely fall in love with your pets and your products too.

Creative branding and advertising
The key to success in any business is to have a good creative branding and advertising strategy. You can use pets and animals themselves in your branding because everyone loves to look at animal pictures and therefore, you can spread the word about your new brand quite effectively this way. You can get an effective Singapore web development by an animal lover friend who might offer to do it for free in exchange for a donation made to your chosen charity.

There are many web design and development companies who might be happy to do a website for you for a donation to charity as their corporate service responsibility project. You can also offer to give them publicity on your personal social media account and on your company page. If you are interested about web design and development you can visit this website

Start doing your research well ahead of times about the different social media marketing tactics you can put in to use on your new social media pages and on your website. There are many hundreds of tactics you can use in your business to achieve good branding.

You will need to build your brand up by offering free gifts to people in exchange for sharing your posts and also by having your products at animal adoption days and animal adoption centers in exchange for a small part of the profits going directly to the animal adoption center. It is important that you use your new brand to create awareness about proper pet care and about the importance of adoption instead of supporting breeders. Many people will follow your page for the activism that you do and you will also be doing your bit for the animals by creating awareness.